Ski and Snowboard Accident Lawyer

It is undeniable that Colorado has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country, if not the world.  Visitors and residents flock from near and far to enjoy the fresh snow and beautiful terrain of the Rocky Mountains.  Thousands of skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels frequent the resorts every day. While many unforgettable memories are created on Colorado slopes, many significant injuries are also sustained in ski and snowboard accidents.

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Colorado Ski Safety Act

Many engaging in winter sports in Colorado believe that it is “every man or woman for themselves” and that the flow of traffic and behavior of the crowd on the slopes will generally govern itself.  However, there are, in fact, specific laws and guidelines that govern skiers and snowboarders.

The Colorado Ski Safety Act incorporates a skier and snowboard Responsibility Code and also sets forth specific laws that regulate conduct for skiers, snowboarders, and ski resorts. A violation of the Responsibility Code or the Colorado Ski Safety Act that results in an injury can support a claim for damages just like a violation of a traffic law or a car crash on the roadways.

How Do I Get Paid After Ski/Snowboard Accident?

Similar to a car accident or a dog bite, ski and snowboard accidents are based on the legal concept of negligence. Therefore, if a skier or snowboarder acts negligently and this conduct results in an injury to another person, the at-fault skier or snowboarder can be held responsible for all resulting injuries and damages.

These damages include medical bills, lost income, out of pocket expenses, pain and suffering, anxiety, fear of skiing, permanent impairment, and disfigurement, among others.  In addition to past damages, physical and emotional injuries also include claims for future treatment, future impairment, and future pain and suffering that may last long after your settlement.

What Should I Do if I Get Into a Ski or Snowboard Accident?

The first thing you should do following a ski or snowboard accident is to report the incident to ski patrol.  Like the police department on a roadway, ski patrol will investigate the incident, interview the parties and witnesses, and prepare a detailed report with its findings.  Even if it is hours or days later, it is important to report the incident and use the resources of the ski patrol to investigate.  Many skiers and snowboarders are merely visiting Colorado and may leave the state without confirming their full name, address, insurance information, or detailed contact information.  Once they leave the state, it may be extremely difficult to identify or contact them.  Enlisting the support of ski patrol will be helpful in investigating and advancing your claim against the negligent skier or snowboarder.

In addition to reporting the incident to ski patrol, promptly identifying a source of recovery is critical to your claim.  Many attorneys do not realize that multiple types of insurance coverage may apply to a ski or snowboard accident.  Renters insurance, homeowners insurance, travel insurance, and even certain types of credit cards can provide insurance coverage for a negligent skier or snowboarder.  Once placed on notice, the insurance company is responsible for paying for your damages up to the amount of the policy limits or purchased coverage.  An experienced ski and snowboard accident attorney will be able to identify all sources of recovery and pursue the maximum recovery to compensate you for your injuries.

Why Hire a Ski or Snowboard Accident Attorney in Denver?

Due to the physical nature of a ski or snowboard accident at high speed, many victims often suffer serious injuries, including spinal injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments requiring surgery. At McQuaid Injury Law, we will ensure that you get proper medical attention for your injuries, even if you don't live in Colorado.  Obtaining prompt medical attention by the proper medical professionals will be essential in helping you recover from your physical injuries, as well as ensure that you are able to pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Hiring an aggressive attorney with experience in ski and snowboard cases will be critical to resolving your claim quickly and for as much value as possible. Attorney Brendan McQuaid has handled numerous ski and snowboard accidents and has recovered multiple six-figure settlements for clients who were injured through the fault of another person.  We will promptly collect all evidence to support your claim, identify the available insurance coverage, and make sure that you obtain all medical treatment you need to maximize your financial recovery.

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